What Is Holistic Coaching?

You’ve heard about life, health, executive, wellness, and career coaching, but what is holistic coaching?

Holistic coaching is Coach and Coachee partnering together in a thought-provoking, heart-opening, body-aware, and soul-connecting process that empowers the Coachee to realize and actualize their full potential in all areas of their life that are important to them, encompassing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

What holistic coaching is not

Mentoring: The International Coaching Federation (ICF) describes a Mentor as “someone who advises a less experienced professional drawing from the mentor’s personal experience. Instead, coaching taps into the inner wisdom of the client to set their own path.”

Therapy: The ICF acknowledges that “while therapy addresses mental illness or explores issues from a patient’s past, coaching is solutions-oriented with a focus on the future.”

Consulting: The ICF describes a consultant as someone who “advises a person or organization on a strategic approach driven by expertise in a field, whereas a coach is a partner in heightening awareness and clarity to help a client find their own solutions.”

10 guiding principals of holistic coaching

1. Transformation happens on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels, taking the whole person into consideration.

2. Everything rests in a web of interconnectedness.

3. Support people in moving from coping to healing to thriving.

4. Healing happens in a loving and supportive environment not through judgment, shame or guilt.

5. Holistic Coaching is about making changes from the inside out.

6. Create well-being and fulfillment in all areas of life that are important to you.

7. Offers the opportunity for you to create love, safety and belonging for yourself.

8. Change, healing, transformation are a process not an event.

9. Increase awareness of mind, body and spirit.

10. Find the tools and techniques that you can enjoy and embody consistently.

Mental Level Holistic Coaching: Resolving any unresolved issues in your consciousness while engaging supportive resources to foster mental well-being

Resources to support mental well-being

  • Mindfulness
  • Learning, training, education
  • Journaling
  • Hobbies
  • Reading
  • Goal-setting
  • Masterminding with others
  • Mental breaks
  • Positive self talk
  • Mandalas, focus exercises

Emotional Level Holistic Coaching: Accessing and acknowledging your emotions and energy while engaging supportive resources to foster emotional well-being.

Resources to support emotional well-being

  • Music
  • Aromatherapy
  • Pets
  • Creative writing
  • Humor
  • Emotional dialoguing
  • Affirmations
  • Community
  • Gardening
  • Artwork
  • Dancing
  • Creativity
  • Aromatherapy, candles, incense

Physical Level Holistic Coaching: Embodying a healthy and grounded body while engaging supportive resources to foster physical well-being.

Resources to support physical well-being

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Movement, exercise
  • Hydration
  • Breath work
  • Sexual health
  • Stretching
  • Body work
  • Wellness exams
  • Hygiene
  • Enhancing living environment

Spiritual Level Holistic Coaching: Connecting with a deeper sense of meaning through nature, beliefs and practices while engaging supportive resources to foster spiritual well-being.

Resources to support spiritual well-being

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Yoga
  • Self forgiveness
  • Spiritual community or events
  • Rituals
  • Sacred spaces
  • Philosophy
  • Sacred texts
  • Nature
  • Candles, incense, crystals, smudging
  • Social support and activities

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Beverly Sartain MA, CAP, PCC

President of the Holistic Coach Training Institute

Beverly Sartain is the President of the Holistic Coach Training Institute, where she trains aspiring coaches on coaching skills and business set-up. During her ten-year career in nonprofits, she managed and developed domestic violence and co-occurring residential programs. Beverly is a Certified Addictions Professional. She has her PCC (Professional Certified Coach) coaching credential from the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Beverly enjoys helping professionals empower themselves around their skill set and coaching business.

Contact Beverly at: [email protected]

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Holistic Coach Training Institute

The mission of Holistic Coach Training Institute is to train and empower conscious professionals to become informed and embodied Holistic Coaches who empower others to realize and actualize their full potential in all areas of their life encompassing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

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