9 Pre-rituals to a Holistic Coaching Conversation


9 Pre-rituals to a Holistic Coaching Conversation

Part of our holistic approach to coaching is to become present: mind, body and spirit before beginning a coaching conversation. To maintain presence, you have to be present. 


We asked our Holistic Coach Training Institute Alumni to share their favorite approaches to becoming present for a coaching conversation. Which of these rituals might you add?


Pray for A Spirit-led Call

“Having a pre-ritual to my coaching sessions is key for a successful connection with my clients. I take 15-30 minutes to clear, relax, pause and allow the Spirit to work in and through me. I complete my own breathing exercise to clear my thoughts from the busyness of my day. I then meditate and pray for my upcoming client and our call to be Spirit-led and pause for any guidance that may come forward. At that time I journal any necessary insights or awareness for myself or may be necessary for my client. Although every client and situation is different, the pre-ritual is the same and very important to a successful connection session.”

Mary Markham, Spiritual Life Coach, https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-markham-acc-37a70549/


Power Up

“Get in your power; stay in your power. The absolute first step to feeling great is to be in your power - you feel it and your clients feel it, too. Remove those things that don’t permit or allow this. There are thoughts, words, programs, beliefs that can empower you or disempower you.”

Lisa Taylor, Holistic Coach, Healer, Guide, @thehiveholistic 


Intentional Time Management

“Decide which days of the week you're available or the days you'd like to take calls. I take calls on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That way I can do a morning and afternoon pre-ritual for all the calls I have in a day.”

Becca Rich, Holistic Time Coach, https://www.linkedin.com/in/theholistictimecoach/



"Before every coaching session to stay grounded and aligned, I start with visualization. Closing my eyes, bringing my attention to my heart, I visualize standing under a white waterfall. The force of water cleansing my soul and activating my chakras. The warmness of the white energy and the cool water passing through my Crown chakra down activates my awareness and brings me to the present moment. If time permits, I will burn incense sticks and prepare myself for the session. As a habit, five to ten minutes prior to the session, I also go through some general questions that will keep me focused and my mind prepared."

Mimi Das, Holistic Spiritual Coach, linkedin.com/in/pallavee-mimi-das-1b60a2166


Movement in Nature

“I enjoy taking a quick walk before a session. Movement allows me to let go of too much planning or preparation and allows me to get into my body and flow. Nature is an important element of getting grounded when I walk. If I’m short of time for a walk, I spend a few minutes in the backyard garden. This helps me go into my coaching conversations feeling connected.”

Richard Sartain, Holistic Coach for men, https://holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com/holisticmenscoachinggroup/


Mirror Work

“Before a coaching session I like to bring myself into the present moment, especially if I’ve had a day of “busyness”. I find that doing mirror work is helpful in this capacity, making contact with my own eyes and saying phrases like “My intention is to remain aware and relaxed in this present moment” and “Right now, I bring myself into my heart space where I am open, loving and in connection with myself and others”. These phrases and eye contact bring me back into the coaching mindset every time.”

Linda Leva, Life and Meditation Coach, linkedin.com/in/lindalevamindfulacceptance


Connect To Pleasant Smells

“Diffuse essential oils or light incense. I am very motivated by good smells, so I will often apply a roller ball of a personal oil blend that is grounding and calming, or use a non-toxic room spray.”

Jenn Espinosa- Goswami, Public Speaking Coach, https://linktr.ee/jennspingo



"I listen to either gospel or neo-soul music to get out of my own head. Relax my mind and release whatever happened during my day so it won’t disturb my peace or the session. I also wash the day off of me to feel refreshed. All of this allows me to be present for my client and keeps me in a space where I am more engaged in what they have to say and less about what I feel I need to say."

Hattie Empowers, Intentional Holistic Coaching, @hattieempowers


Drop From Head To Heart Mantra

“One of the quickest ways for me to prepare my mind, body and spirit for a coaching conversation is using a mantra like “drop from head to heart.” I close my outer eyes and open my inner eye while inwardly saying to myself, drop from head to heart. This mantra helps me shift my consciousness which allows my coaching to come from my Authentic Self versus my ego.”

Beverly Sartain, Coach Educator, https://holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com/holistic-coach-certification-program/


At the Holistic Coach Training Institute, we teach pre-rituals to a holistic coaching conversation so that coaches can get present and maintain presence throughout a coaching conversation. If you would like to learn more about our Holistic Coach Certification Program that is ICF accredited, you can do so here.