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Holistic Coach Certification Program

The Holistic Coach Certification Program is ICF (International Coaching Federation) ACSTH Accredited.

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Holistic Coaching empowers "the whole person" to reach their full potential in all areas of their life encompassing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

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Why Coach Training and Credentialing is Important

The vast majority of coach practitioners (77%) agree that the marketplace expects them to have a certification or credential.

-2016 ICF Global Coaching Study

According the latest data, almost all coach practitioners (99%) reported receiving some form of coach-specific training.

-2016 ICF Global Coaching Study

The main concern expressed by coach practitioners was untrained individuals who call themselves coaches (44%).

-2016 ICF Global Coaching Study

Holistic Coach Certification Program

In the Holistic Coach Certification Program you’ll learn how to foster heart-centered relationships that help coach and client access greater presence and intuition so that they can overcome perceived limitations to actualize their full potential in all areas of life while being supported with awareness, action steps, planning, and accountability.

Praise From Our Students

"My favorite part of the coach program is working with my amazing coaching partner(s), learning from the vast variety and depth of expertise demonstrated by my fellow coach trainees, and sharing a passion for serving my clients at the highest level through a coaching process built on trust, active listening, and direct communication."

Jenn Espinosa-Goswami
Weightless, LLC

“Before I started the Holistic Coach Certification Program, I felt stuck, uncertain about my life, wondering if I would ever be able to start my own business. I dwelt in negativity and self-doubt. Since participating in the program, I am experiencing the enlightenment of growth in many areas of my life, such as self-worth, confidence, and love. This experience continues to influence ideas within me, to encompass the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing as one entity.”

Janice Hagans-Higgins
Healing With Janice, PLLC


“Before I started Beverly's program, I couldn't even call myself a Coach. Now I proudly say, I'm a Spiritual Life Coach. I am serving my purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach because of Beverly Sartain and her Coaching Development program. She preaches what she practices. And, it was important to me to learn from someone who is also doing it so well. I had no idea I would learn as much as I have, and grow and evolve in ways I never thought possible. Beverly is always there for support and is a life-changing Coach and Mentor.”

Mary Markham
Inspirational Visions, LLC

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