Educational podcast supporting personal and professional development within the holistic coaching community.

Episode #1

Featured Episode 01: What Is Holistic Coaching?

In Holistic Coaching, we are aligned with the ICF Core Competencies, Ethics and Standards while addressing the 4 levels of well-being: the mental level, the emotional level, the physical level and the spiritual level.

Episode 04

Episode 04: Lessons From Your First Year As A Coach

Leverage your first year coaching learnings and grow. In this episode, Bev and Mary discuss why Mary had a hard time calling herself a Coach, how Mary uses acronyms in her coaching, how Mary increased her confidence as a Coach, and some of her best learnings from her first year in coaching.

Coaching Demo Core Competencies

Episode 03: Coaching Demo All Core Competencies

In this coaching demo, I made sure to address all of the ICF Core Competencies which I do in every coaching conversation I have with a Coachee. Here are the ICF Core Competencies: 1. Demonstrates Ethical Practice 2. Embodies A Coaching Mindset 3. Establishes And Maintains Agreements 4. Cultivates Trust & Safety 5. Maintains Presence 6. Listens Actively 7. Evokes Awareness 8. Facilitates Client Growth

Coaching Traumatic Brain Injury

Episode 02: Coaching TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

In this episode, Bev and Janice discuss Janice’s TBI Story including how to coach with a TBI, how to coach someone who has a TBI, and special considerations around working with a TBI.