Empowering Your Holistic Coaching Journey: Dive into the Holistic Coach Legacy Podcast

Are you a holistic coach looking to elevate your impact and build a thriving practice? Look no further than the Holistic Coach Legacy Podcast, your one-stop shop for personal and professional development in the exciting world of holistic coaching.

Hosted by Beverly Sartain, President of the Holistic Coach Training Institute, the Holistic Coach Legacy Podcast offers a treasure trove of insights and inspiration for aspiring and established coaches alike. Whether you're just starting out or seeking to refine your existing practice, this podcast equips you with the tools and knowledge to become a truly impactful holistic coach.


Here's what you can expect from the Holistic Coach Legacy Podcast:

In-depth exploration of holistic coaching: Delve into the core principles and practices of holistic coaching, a unique approach that addresses the multifaceted nature of well-being – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Expert interviews: Gain valuable wisdom from seasoned holistic coaches, industry leaders, and special guests who share their experiences and best practices.

Actionable takeaways: Every episode is packed with practical advice and strategies you can implement immediately to enhance your coaching skills and build a successful practice.

Supportive community: Feel the connection with a like-minded community of holistic coaches. The podcast fosters a space for shared learning, growth, and inspiration.


Beyond the Podcast:

The Holistic Coach Legacy Podcast is just one piece of the comprehensive support system offered by Holistic Coach Training Institute. As you explore the podcast, you'll discover a wealth of additional resources, including:

Holistic Coach Training Programs: Equip yourself with the necessary skills and certifications to excel as a holistic coach through Holistic Coach Training Institute's in-depth training programs. Holistic Coach Training Institute Programs

Blog: Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in holistic coaching with informative and engaging blog articles. Holistic Coach Training Institute Blog

Community: Connect and collaborate with other passionate holistic coaches through Holistic Coach Training Institute's vibrant online community. Holistic Coach Network Free Facebook Group


Ready to embark on your holistic coaching journey?

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Episode #1

Featured Episode 01: What Is Holistic Coaching?

In Holistic Coaching, we are aligned with the ICF Core Competencies, Ethics and Standards while addressing the 4 levels of well-being: the mental level, the emotional level, the physical level and the spiritual level.

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