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Transcending Trauma Book

Transcending Trauma Book

In 2006, Beverly Sartain made a decision to get sober. Substances were one of the ways she coped with hardships of life - until she chose to get to the root cause of her behaviors. And resolve her feelings of "not good enough," "unlovable" and "unworthy."

Beverly turned her weaknesses into her greatest strengths through a practical application of Spiritual Psychology - she released what disturbed her peace. Through her studies, applications and embodiment of new beliefs, Beverly began co-creating her new life.

In Transcending Trauma, Beverly shares her path with you. She shares her transformative healing from substances and suicidal ideations to inspire you to discover your own way. May you also transform your experiences into gifts and become a light for those who need it.

Beverly Sartain is a trainer, mentor and coach who is committed to helping others leverage their life's challenges for greater meaning and purpose in the world. She enjoys helping others apply Spiritual Psychology principles and practices, so they too can transform their consciousness to create peace of mind. She is President of the Holistic Coach Training Institute where she teaches coaching through a holistic lens. Beverly lives with her husband and four dogs in Jacksonville, Florida.

Spiritual Psychology Healing Workbook

The Spiritual Phycology Healing Workbook is intended to help you be a healthy human by continuing to resolve your un-resolved issues so that you can serve from your wholeness versus your wound. I've laid out 52 soul-packed lessons to help you increase your awareness, relate to yourself in a better way, learn new skills to keep on keepin' on with your personal and professional advancement and be the demonstration of the work you do with others, first and foremost.

The information contained within the walls of this workbook come from my personal journey of being a helping professional who needed to heal and help herself first so that she could be of greater help to humanity. We will be looking through the lens of Spiritual Phycology as we navigate the path to deeper self-awareness, peace and love.

This workbook is more than just a workbook, it's a soul-awakening system where you will be completing unfinished business while you watch your ability to serve amplify. Throughout this workbook, you will receive thoughtful lessons that are intended to help you up-level your mind, body and spirit. Try on each lesson to the best of your ability and see yourself transform as you dissolve old issues of the past and step more fully into your ability to serve.

Here's to serving from you wholeness!

Self-Forgiveness Healing Deck

Dear Friends,

I’ve created this 52-card self-forgiveness deck as a way to help you release misunderstandings that remain in your consciousness and heal them once and for all by increasing your awareness, shifting your perspective, developing new skills and embodying through practice. You can thrive in your life by allowing love, compassion and forgiveness to permeate your mind, body and spirit.

Each day, pull a card and let it be your mantra for the day. May you receive the deepest healing possible at this time. This or something greater for the highest good of all.

– Beverly Sartain

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Spiritual Psychology Healing Course

Self-directed course that includes a private community dedicated to healing through spiritual lessons that support you in experiencing more fulfillment in your everyday life.

Increase your awareness of yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience through studying training materials, completing lessons in the workbook, and engaging an online conscious community.

Continue to evolve your consciousness and deepen your self-love so that you can be of greater service as you walk your spiritual path.

The Spiritual Psychology Healing Course includes the Transcending Trauma Book, Spiritual Psychology Healing Workbook, and the Self-Forgiveness Healing Deck.

Transcending Trauma Book
HCTI Assets_SpiritualPsychologyHealingCourse
Spiritual Psychology Healing Workbook
Healing Deck