7 Post-rituals to a Holistic Coaching Conversation

You’ve probably heard of a pre-ritual to prepare your presence for a coaching conversation.

However, have you heard about the importance of a post-ritual as a way to take good care of yourself, let go of any mental ruminations and release excess energy from the coaching conversation.

Holistic coaching is all about the coach taking good care of themselves so that coaching can be sustainable, rewarding and fun.

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New Trends in Reflective Listening Skills

Reflective listening is much more than active listening, it goes beyond our normal listening habits!

When a wellness coach is skilled in the reflective listening approach, we help our client to clarify their thoughts, assure them that we care about their point of view, and give them “felt safety” in knowing that we are partnering together to understand each other more clearly and find insights. The approach to listen with reflection uses deep empathy and the desire to understand correctly what is being expressed.

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9 Pre-rituals to a Holistic Coaching Conversation

Part of our holistic approach to coaching is to become present: mind, body and spirit before beginning a coaching conversation. To maintain presence, you have to be present.

We asked our Holistic Coach Training Institute Alumni to share their favorite approaches to becoming present for a coaching conversation. Which of these rituals might you add?

Pray for A Spirit-led Call

“Having a pre-ritual to my coaching sessions is key for a successful connection with my clients. I take 15-30 minutes to clear, relax, pause and allow the Spirit to work in and through me. I complete my own breathing exercise to clear my thoughts from the busyness of my day. I then meditate and pray for my upcoming client and our call to be Spirit-led and pause for any guidance that may come forward. At that time I journal any necessary insights or awareness for myself or may be necessary for my client. Although every client and situation is different, the pre-ritual is the same and very important to a successful connection session.”

Mary Markham, Spiritual Life Coach, linkedin.com/in/mary-markham-37a70549

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Public Speaking For Coaches

When you first receive your coaching certification or license, you may be excited to sign your first (paid) client.

So, you turn to your connections on social media, and say “I’m open for business and accepting clients”.

Yet, what if that doesn’t result in a drove of new coaching clients?

Today, I’m going to share how public speaking landed me every single coaching client I’ve ever worked with, and the three benefits of public speaking for coaches.

Can I share a confession? Public speaking was my first love. Yes, even before coaching, I dreamed of rocking the big stages a la Mel or Tony Robbins.

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Why taking time off is so hard and how to do it without feeling guilty

Resting and taking time off is not exactly glamorous or sexy. But… Do you know what is?

Feeling energized, motivated, and joyful on a regular basis. And being successful without having to work all the time.

If that’s what you’re into or looking for, taking time off and rest is a non-negotiable. So why is it so challenging to put everything aside and make time for you?

By the end of this blog, you will understand why it’s so hard for you to take time away from your business and what to do about it.

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