Favorite Powerful Questions from 5 Holistic Coaches

As a Coach Trainer of an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach education program called the Holistic Coach Training Institute, I often hear students inquire about powerful questions. Powerful questions can feel like the secret that unlocks potential within a coaching conversation and client. Therefore, I asked our holistic coach community to share some of their favorite powerful questions with you so you can hear what’s being currently used by active professional coaches to evoke awareness within coaching conversations.

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Actionable Steps to Developing An Authentic Holistic Well-Being Routine For Career

No one said having it all would be easy! If you are a rock star professional that is absolutely smashing it at work but feeling a little unbalanced in your holistic well-being, you’re not alone.

Experimenting with and designing a holistic well-being routine that feels authentically you truly is the next level in your career maturity. In this article, we explore what a holistic well-being routine is, how you can create a routine that is uniquely yours and how to integrate your well-being routine into your personal and professional identities to live a happier and fulfilled life.

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Intuition: Your Inner Compass

Intuition is your inner compass and is a skill that can be flexed and strengthened by more use. Some use this muscle without being fully aware of it as it comes naturally.

This post shares some resources on intuition, how to activate it and how to upkeep intuitive intelligence and why it’s important.

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7 Post-rituals to a Holistic Coaching Conversation

You’ve probably heard of a pre-ritual to prepare your presence for a coaching conversation.

However, have you heard about the importance of a post-ritual as a way to take good care of yourself, let go of any mental ruminations and release excess energy from the coaching conversation.

Holistic coaching is all about the coach taking good care of themselves so that coaching can be sustainable, rewarding and fun.

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New Trends in Reflective Listening Skills

Reflective listening is much more than active listening, it goes beyond our normal listening habits!

When a wellness coach is skilled in the reflective listening approach, we help our client to clarify their thoughts, assure them that we care about their point of view, and give them “felt safety” in knowing that we are partnering together to understand each other more clearly and find insights. The approach to listen with reflection uses deep empathy and the desire to understand correctly what is being expressed.

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