7 Post-rituals to a Holistic Coaching Conversation


7 Post-rituals to a Holistic Coaching Conversation


You’ve probably heard of a pre-ritual to prepare your presence for a coaching conversation.

However, have you heard about the importance of a post-ritual as a way to take good care of yourself, let go of any mental rumination and release excess energy from the coaching conversation.

Holistic coaching is all about the coach taking good care of themselves so that coaching can be sustainable, rewarding and fun.

We asked our Holistic Coach Training Institute Alumni to share their favorite post practices after a coaching conversation is complete. Which of these rituals might you add.


1. Mimi Das, Holistic Spiritual Coach, linkedin.com/in/pallavee-mimi-das-1b60a2166

I align my thoughts on the topic discussed and if I have any notes arrange those for the next session. I downloaded the recording(s). I take a quick walk to move to my next task and bring my presence for the next one.”


2. Gabriela Barclay, Holistic Coach, https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabriela-barclay/

After each session, I clean my energetic space, imagining an energy rain cascading over me, helping me get rid of everything that doesn’t serve me.

During a coaching session, clients release their own emotions and thoughts. At the end of the session, I imagine a light protecting me from anything that doesn’t belong to me. I visualize a purple flame in my Solar Plexus area, where our emotions are being managed, burning away anything that’s not mine. I use aromatherapy and clean my energetic space with incense and selenite crystals. I always take 10 minutes after each session to reflect and ground myself.


3. Becca Rich, Holistic Time Coach, https://www.linkedin.com/in/theholistictimecoach/

In order to make sure you keep room for your post-coaching rituals, make sure you update your settings in your scheduling software to include at least a 15-minute buffer. This will prevent you from having clients back to back and keeping some space to decompress, finalize notes, and prepare for the next call.


4. Hattie Empowers, Intentional Holistic Coaching, https://www.linkedin.com/in/hattieempowers-llc-msw-259137200/

I immediately reflect on the session and how I’m feeling. Allowing myself to feel my feelings and how the client left the session and how did they make me feel. Most times it’s me embracing what went well and seeing what and how I could have gone about the session differently to benefit the client and give myself room for growth. Then there’s times I just lay it down because the session was a lot and I need a break.


5. Linda Leva, Life and Meditation Coach, linkedin.com/in/lindalevamindfulacceptance

Grounding myself is what really helps me shift out of the coaching container and into the now. My current method is to give myself a firm hug with both arms wrapped around myself. I'll then close my eyes and repeat either my name or a word or phrase like "I release this session and come back to myself". This holding of the self and saying my name or "me" is something that not only grounds me but brings in a smile for me. Every time.


6. Jenn Espinosa-Goswami, Public Speaking Coach, www.linkedin.com/in/jego3

Coaching provides an energy rush for me, so I benefit most from releasing that energy after a session. Here are some body-centric ways to release that energy:

1. Dancing to one of my favorite tunes (usually something with a great beat, like a song by Pitbull)

2. Sounding some chimes as an aural close to a session or rubbing one of the crystals I keep on my desk (such as tiger eye, tourmaline, or clear quartz)

3. Having a massage right after a coaching call or Discovery session. As I mentioned, I sometimes experience tension or nerves, and that energy can get stuck sometimes.


7. Richard Sartain, VP Holistic Coach Training Institute, https://holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com/our-story/

Coaching conversations are open, vulnerable, and connected on many levels. It's important for me to intentionally become fully present and available to the client in sessions. It's equally important to allow the session to close intentionally. For me, this means brief reflection on our coaching partnership related to that session followed by energetically sending love and compassion to the client as I visualize them walking away from the session as whole, resourced, and fully capable of integrating their next steps. Trusting that the client knows what's best for them and allowing them the dignity of their own process allows me to relax and let-go of the session as I move forward with my day.


At the Holistic Coach Training Institute, we teach pre and post-rituals to a holistic coaching conversation so that coaches can get present and maintain presence throughout a coaching conversation. If you would like to learn more about our Holistic Coach Certification Program that is ICF accredited, you can do so here:



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