9 Pre-Rituals To A Holistic Coaching Conversation

Part of our holistic approach to coaching is to become present: mind, body and spirit before beginning a coaching conversation. To maintain presence, you have to be present.

We asked our Holistic Coach Training Institute Alumni to share their favorite approaches to becoming present for a coaching conversation. Which of these rituals might you add?

Pray for A Spirit-led Call

“Having a pre-ritual to my coaching sessions is key for a successful connection with my clients. I take 15-30 minutes to clear, relax, pause and allow the Spirit to work in and through me. I complete my own breathing exercise to clear my thoughts from the busyness of my day. I then meditate and pray for my upcoming client and our call to be Spirit-led and pause for any guidance that may come forward. At that time I journal any necessary insights or awareness for myself or may be necessary for my client. Although every client and situation is different, the pre-ritual is the same and very important to a successful connection session.”

Mary Markham, Spiritual Life Coach, linkedin.com/in/mary-markham-37a70549