Holistic Men's Coaching Group

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A community of men committed to taking action towards progressing from coping to healing to thriving in all areas of our lives.

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A message from your group host:

This isn't your typical "men's group"...

What we're not doing:

We're not showing up to talk about our grievances without working on solutions, marinate on the past, shame ourselves, blame others or to focus on what we "can't do." We're not flexing "alpha vibes," cosigning each others bad behavior, getting stuck in our victim story or trying to become someone else's ideal of what it means to "be a man." Although genuine connection is available, we're not conforming any part of ourselves so that we can belong to something outside of ourselves.


What we are doing:

We are showing up to work on ourselves so that we can progress from coping to healing to thriving in all areas of our life. We're dropping from our heads to our hearts while looking at what's needing to be acknowledged and addressed so we can have more awareness and take action to make positive changes. We're empowering ourselves through taking better care of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. We're committing to consistently showing up for ourselves and using the tools of awareness, action-steps, planning, and accountability to keep us focused and on task. We're doing this work for the highest good of ourselves and loved ones.


A little about me:

A quote that resonates deeply within me is "Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi. I believe that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and that we are all here to support ourselves and each-other in growing to our highest potential. I experience daily gratitude for the opportunity to be of service to others, in alignment with my higher purpose, in fulfilling the duties of my role as Vice President of Holistic Coach Training Institute.

I'm deeply grateful for the benefits I've experience from adopting a holistic approach on my journey working through depression, anxiety, substance abuse, chronic pain, and obesity. The holistic approach of taking action that supports the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels has been a powerful framework that has empowered me to create a sustainable sense of well-being as I've moved from coping to healing to thriving. I'm looking forward to supporting you with next steps in your journey.


Richard Sartain, ACC

Group Host & Holistic Coach

10 Guiding Principles To Holistic Coaching:

1. Transformation happens on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels, taking the whole person into consideration.

2. Holistic Coaching believes that everything rests in a web of interconnectedness.

3. Holistic Coaching focuses on supporting people in moving from coping to healing to thriving.

4. Healing happens in a loving and supportive environment not through judgment, shame or guilt.

5. Holistic Coaching is about making changes from the inside out.

6. The overall goal of Holistic Coaching is to create well-being and fulfillment in all areas of life that are important to you.

7. Holistic Coaching offers the opportunity for you to create love, safety and belonging for yourself.

8. Change, healing, transformation are a process not an event.

9. Holistic Coaching helps increase awareness of mind, body and spirit.

10. Holistic Coaching is about finding the tools and techniques that you can enjoy and embody consistently.




Live Zoom Meetings Schedule (beginning on 09/13/2021)

Every Monday night from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST


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Holistic Men's Coaching Group Details

Holistic Mens Coaching Group Logo 5000

Group contact info: 

Email - [email protected]

Website - www.holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com 

Phone - (904) 463-5138


Title of the group:

Holistic Men's Coaching Group


General group vision and goals:

The Holistic Men's Coaching Group is an empowering space for men to show up and do the work of getting real, being vulnerable, acknowledging the truth, receiving support, committing to action-steps, and embracing accountability in order to work towards creating the the experience you want to be living.
Weekly coaching group structured around creating awareness, action-steps, planning, and accountability to support you with healing and thriving. Use a holistic approach to work on yourself that supports you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually so that you're able to consistently show up powerfully and give your best to yourself and your relationships.


Coaching philosophy:

Holistic Coaching empowers "the whole person" to reach their full potential in all areas of their life encompassing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. 


List of group hosts:

Richard Sartain, ACC


Dates, location, and delivery of the group:

Live Zoom Meeting Schedule: Every Monday night from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST

Private Facebook group access: 24/7


Languages that the group is delivered in:



Intended participants:

Perfect for: Men committed to taking action towards progressing from coping to healing to thriving in all areas of our lives.


Requirements that the group members must agree to in order to enter the group: 

  • Committed to active participation and attendance for live zoom meetings.
  • Willingness to be vulnerable and real when sharing about what is present for you.
  • Willingness to engaging the process of awareness, action-steps, planning, and accountability.
  • Willingness towards "being coachable" and receiving constructive feedback from group host.
  • Demonstrate respect and courtesy towards all group members at all times.
  • Willingness to set aside the need to be "right", judgment, political dogma while engaging the group.


The Role and Responsibilities of group participants:

As per the International Coaching Federation's (ICF's) "Start The Conversation" publication:

"The most successful coaching partnerships begin with a client who has a clear idea of what they want to accomplish and is open to collaboration and new perspectives."

"As a coaching client, your role is to:

  • Create the coaching agenda based on personally meaningful goals
  • Assume full responsibility for your own decisions and actions
  • Use the coaching process to promote possibility thinking and fresh perspectives
  • Engage big-picture thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Take the tools, concepts, models and principles provided by your coach and engage in effective forward actions."

-ICF "Starting The Conversation" publication.


Policies on payment:

Annual Fee:


We use Square.com as our invoicing system. Invoices need to be paid within 24 hours of receiving them. If you do not pay within 21 days and have not made arrangements with us around how payment will be made, your access to the materials will be discontinued and you will be taken out of the group. Please know you can discuss your needs with us. 


Refund policy:

Full refunds are issued if a notice to cancel is received within 3 days after initial payment is made. There are no refunds after 3 days from the time of initial payment. In order to qualify for a refund within the 3 day period, an email must be sent to [email protected] requesting cancellation. After the 3 day period, cancellations and withdrawals qualify for an “in house credit” that can be applied to future programs only. Members can leave the program at any time. There are no refunds services already rendered.

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