Time Off

Why taking time off is so hard and how to do it without feeling guilty

Resting and taking time off is not exactly glamorous or sexy. But… Do you know what is? 

Feeling energized, motivated, and joyful on a regular basis. And being successful without having to work all the time. 

If that's what you're into or looking for, taking time off and rest is a non-negotiable. So why is it so challenging to put everything aside and make time for you?

By the end of this blog, you will understand why it's so hard for you to take time away from your business and what to do about it.


Why is taking time off so hard (even when you plan for it)?


Confused? Let me explain.

If you’ve ever had a puppy, you know how much work they are. It makes me tired just thinking about getting one.

Your whole life revolves around your precious new pup. You have to continuously take care of it and train it so it doesn’t go to the bathroom inside. It wakes you up all hours of the night. When you go to work, you have to put your puppy in a crate so it doesn’t chew your entire living room apart.

Guess what happens when you are done with work?

Your puppy is so excited to see you! But you can’t just flop on the couch and relax… your puppy NEEDS to use the bathroom and run around to get all its energy out.

Now, imagine that your mind is that puppy. 

You’ve been working, doing, and going for your entire life keeping your thoughts and feelings in that metaphorical crate. When you take time off, you’re confronted with all of it.


Resting is not a piece of cake for anyone

Hustle culture, societal and familial norms, self and other people’s expectations, and basically everything that we’ve been taught since the first grade is to get things done.

Our entire economy is based on labor and output, with one goal in mind: non-stop growth.

Our minds are wired to constantly think about all the things we have to do.

That's why so many people say they feel lazy or behind when they pause, take time off, and rest. And that’s why it feels so much easier to continue to work and stay busy until you basically HAVE to rest (equivalent to burnout).

Now you might have some more clarity around why it’s so difficult to rest. However, logically even when you know something, it can still be incredibly difficult to do.

Especially when you are an entrepreneur and you feel like your business will fall apart when you take time away from it. If you feel like this, there are many different things you can do to let go of that misunderstanding.


What’s possible when you take time for yourself?

When you pause, take time for yourself, and rest you get to sit with yourself.

You get to notice and feel your feelings. 

You get to examine, reflect, acknowledge, and celebrate yourself. 

You get to notice what’s going well, and what needs to change.

It might feel like a lot. Just like a real puppy, when it first gets out your thoughts and feelings may feel overwhelming. But by continuing to work and delaying time off, you keep your metaphorical puppy in its crate dying to get out. 

That’s why I recommend having someone to support you through this journey.

Curious about what’s waiting on the other side of the initial puppy wild energy?

When you take more time off, you’ll be able to…

  • Be present for the things that deeply matter to you (your loved ones, your health, etc.)
  • Regularly feel refreshed, energized, and creative (not only to be more productive later).
  • Heal any underlying feelings of unworthiness, scarcity, and insufficiency.
  • Start feeling more fulfilled, alive, and successful.
  • Shift your mindset around time so every day doesn’t feel like a stressful high-speed race.
  • Find what being content and at peace looks like to you.
  • Start believing in things like divine timing and increase your patience.
  • Begin to feel more confident in yourself and how you spend your time.
  • Increase your self-trust, self-discipline, and self-love.

The list goes on and on. 

However, I always say when you regularly rest and take time for yourself, you begin truly living.

If you want any or all of those things, learning how to take more time off and be with yourself is your answer.


How do you take guilt-free time off?

There are some tangible solutions and non-tangible solutions. And the solutions you need are completely unique to you, your business, and your life.

How you might create more time off and rest without feeling guilty could look like:

  • Identifying that you have a desire to make more time for yourself.
  • If you often say or feel, “I never have enough time,” healing a time scarcity mindset.
  • Setting and keeping firmer boundaries around your time off.
  • Aligning your schedule and working hours.
  • Adapting a mindfulness practice to handle the thoughts and feelings that come up when you rest.
  • If you can’t rest because you need to work to pay the bills, figure out how much money you actually need to create a plan and schedule to reach that number.
  • Learning how to be more compassionate with yourself because you can’t heal guilt with more guilt. 
  • Planning your time more realistically (no more overcommitting and over scheduling).

Ask yourself, “What might be my next step so I can rest and reap the benefits of guilt-free time off?”

As a holistic time coach, discovering how to reach your goals and take more guilt-free time off is one of the ways I help the business owners I work with. 

If you’re ready to go from "I never have enough time" to at peace and fulfilled with what gets done in your 24 hours, including rest and time off… schedule a free no-pressure consult call: https://calendly.com/theholistictimecoach/workwithme


Becca Rich Time

Becca Rich

Holistic Time Coach

Becca Rich is an engineer turned certified Holistic Time Coach and Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs get the freedom, flexibility, and joy they started their business for by reclaiming their most precious resource: time.


She understands how challenging it is for business owners to balance their never-ending to-do list with their own needs, family, and being present for the important moments, thanks to her professional background and her lived experience growing up in a family of entrepreneurs.


Becca’s mission is to shake up the hustle and grind status quo and help people use their time in a way that's going to make them feel fulfilled. And she is deeply committed to the ripple effect that occurs when we reclaim our time, both individually and collectively.


Learn more about her at theholistictimecoach.com.