A Transformative Journey Through Mind, Heart & Soul

Ready to turn your life’s challenges into a Legacy of Loving? Ready to journey up a path that will have you self-actualizing your human potential while you help others do the same? Introducing the Holistic Coach Legacy Program. A 2-year immersion program that will have you actualizing your soul mission versus just dreaming about it.

The Holistic Coach Legacy Program includes: Spiritual Psychology Healing Course, Holistic Coach Certification Program, Holistic Coach Business Start-Up Course, Spiritual Psychology Coaching Method, done for you programs, and live group coaching support.

Start anytime, as you will be participating in a 2 year process that is evergreen. I will be taking you through the Holistic Coach Legacy Program so that you can have the experience of  healing and developing yourself so you can have a successful higher calling.

Programs Included In the Holistic Coach Legacy Program Journey

Holistic Coach Certification Program

Holistic Coach Certification Program ($3,600 Value)

Comprehensive 6 month coach-specific certification program that sets you up to become an ICF (International Coaching Federation) credentialed Coach.

Develop professional-level coaching skills through studying training materials, working with peer practice partners, and attending live online classes.

Become a Certified Holistic Coach who empowers "the whole person" to reach their full potential in all areas of their life encompassing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

HCTI Assets_SpiritualPsychologyHealingCourse

Spiritual Psychology Healing Course ($500 Value)

Self-directed course that includes a private community dedicated to healing through spiritual lessons that support you in experiencing more fulfillment in your everyday life.

Increase your awareness of yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience through studying training materials, completing lessons in the workbook, and engaging an online conscious community.

Continue to evolve your consciousness and deepen your self-love so that you can be of greater service as you walk your spiritual path.

HCTI Assets_Holistic Coach Business Start-Up Course Logo

Holistic Coach Business Start-Up Course ($500 Value)

Self-directed online course that prepares you for success in the first year of your coaching business.

Learn the must-haves and need-to-knows to get your business off the ground and running. Create your first offers and learn how to use social media to organically attract your first paying clients.

Work through this course at your own pace. Training accessible anytime via online learning portal.

ICF Continuing Education

Holistic Coach Continuing Education Program ($900 Value)

Comprehensive monthly Holistic Coach Continuing Education Program that sets you up to earn all of the necessary CCE units needed for your ICF credential renewal.

Strengthen professional-level coaching skills by training on the updated ICF core competency model and receiving coaching supervision around real-life coaching experiences.

Consistently works towards your CCE units by attending affordable monthly classes. Stay connected to a supportive community as work towards coaching mastery.

Spiritual Coaching Method

Spiritual Psychology Coaching Method ($2,500 Value)

Spiritual Psychology Coaching Method

Our own coaching method that combines Spiritual Psychology and the ICF Core Competencies, Ethics and Standards.

Enhance your ICF professional-level coaching skills through training materials, practice coaching, and a collaborative group process.

Increase your coaching capabilities around the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

HHT 500
HWBR 500

Done For You Programs ($2,000 Value)

Done-For-You Holistic Wellbeing Routine Program - Receive scripts, demos and worksheets for a 6-session program that covers the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels so that your Client increases their own trust and safety while engaging a well-balanced routine.

Done-For You Helper Heal Thyself Program - Receive scripts, demos and worksheets for a 14-week program that covers "A Healing Roadmap" so that your Client can increase their awareness, resolve any misunderstandings, learn new ways of being and embody a practice that aligns with what they intend to be experiencing more of.


Option 1: 24-month plan of just $275 per month: $6,600 total investment (Normally $400 per month/$9,600 total investment)

Option 2: $5,000 if you invest in full (Normally $8,000 total investment)

*Use coupon code: holistic3000 upon enrollment for special offer

Ready to turn your life’s challenges into a Legacy of Loving? Ready to journey up a path that will have you self-actualizing your human potential while you help others do the same? 


Introducing the ultimate experience...Holistic Coach Legacy Program. A 2-year immersion program that will have you actualizing your soul mission versus just dreaming about it.

Does this sound like you?

♥ You’ve always been a helper yet KNOW you’ve got more inner work to do in order to be your most effective helping self. You just need to know "the how-to?"

♥ You’ve gotten to the other side of some major life issues and feel you got the goods to be a Coach, you just need to know the core competencies, standards and ethics of coaching to feel like you can legit call yourself a Coach with some confidence and competency.

♥ You’ve got some pretty amazing skills to leverage but the basic business stuff has you overwhelmed and stressed out to the max. 

♥ You’ve had a deeper inner knowing that Coaching is a calling for you and something you have to do in order to look back one day and know you went all in on yourself and your risk paid off with the major reward of purpose and prosperity.

♥ You want to learn from someone leaving a legacy of loving while you birth and build your own legacy of loving. (YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PlACE IF THIS IS YOU;)

I totally get it. I basically just described my past Self.

Did I describe you, too?

If you’ve said yes, to any or all of these... well, then we gotta talk.


No more self-reliant self-talk like...

>> I’m smart enough to figure this out on my own

>> I don’t have the money to invest in myself or my business

>> I’ll wait until a better time...that never comes

>> Other people’s legacy and needs are more important than mine

>> I’ve got to figure this out on my own

>> I can’t ask for help because I’m the one helping other people

Tired yet?

I’m tired just thinking about all those misunderstandings that get in the way of uber talented, loving and heart-centered people (just like you) who let their mind get in the way of their highest service possible.

And It’s not your fault.

Society, social media and past experiences are constantly programming you to believe that you’ve got to walk this path alone, figure it all out by yourself and feel isolated in your ability to leave the impact on humanity that you absolutely would like to. 

I’m a true believer that great results are co-created through coaching and community. Coaching has (hands down) been the greatest skill I’ve learned that I’ve been able to leverage for the greatest impact: in my life and in other people’s lives.

In fact, I believe that learning coaching and teaching coaching to others is my legacy of loving that is having a profound impact on humanity and the universal consciousness.

I can’t wait to share this transformative experience with you. 

I have seen many Coaches try a purpose by-pass on their healing work. They’ve told themselves that focusing on other people’s needs will surely impact their own. However, this tendency leads to co-dependent relationships with our work, people and things.

Not the best way to set up your purpose-driven work, would you say?

We want you helping from your healthiest Self and that requires your own healing journey.

IT’S TIME TO STOP LOOKING FOR YOUR WORTH, HAPPINESS AND PURPOSE OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF and find it through the inner work on your healing path.

Your identity is not found outside of you; it’s cultivated through self-discovery, action and experiential experience.

Imagine this...

You get up every morning with excitement about the day ahead. You’ve carved out time for a short yet effective self-care practice that has you hitting holistic levels of well-being in each of the activities that you do. It feels good to take care of yourself! You are thinking positively, feeling enthusiastic and ready to take action that has you including yourself in all choices of the day. You are proud of yourself. You’ve got strong emotional and physical boundaries. You know when to say YES to something. And you know when it’s a clear NO. It’s easy to set boundaries because boundaries are in service to your own energy and also about the other person being supported in the best way possible, which isn’t always you. No one needs rescuing and you best serve by learning to love and serve yourself first.

I’m here to help you make this your reality.

Your soul came here to actualize. What if you could actualize while helping others do the same?! That’s exactly what I believe you came here to do.

You are going to be guided through your own inner work and healing process and you will be better because of it. You will be better and so will those around you! Everyone benefits from your healing, growth and actualization. And as you are healing, you will be working on cultivating skills of a Coach and starting your legacy of loving through a purpose-driven business or project.

Introducing….Holistic Coach Legacy Program. For aspiring Coaches who know they need guidance around inner work, coaching skills, business start-up and are up for a transformative experience (because if you are going to invest your time, resources and energy, why not make it the highest transformation possible at this time;)

The Holistic Coach Legacy Program is a 2-year process designed to give you healing, skills, legacy and transformation ALL IN ONE place with someone who is devoted to soul actualization too.

And to quench your love for learning, I’m giving you all the things you need in one place to be a healthy Holistic Coach who is leaving a legacy and ripple effect of love, empowerment and actualized potential.

This is how we heal the planet, one person at a time. And it starts with you!

Can you tell I’m pumped?!

Why did I come up with the Holistic Coach Legacy Program?

First and foremost, this has been my journey.

I was the helping professional who was serving from an unhealthy place and it almost killed me.


I ended up abusing substances, with severe anxiety and depression and experiencing suicidal ideations because was putting other people first and not addressing my untreated childhood trauma. 

I was ignoring my personal well-being and trying to over serve others while excluding myself.

It was a recipe for disaster. And you may be on a similar path now.

Asking for help as a helping professional was one of the hardest hurdles to overcome.

And I’ve seen it time and time again in my coaching business…

There’s seriously talented, gifted and glorious people out there that want to serve the world yet they aren’t serving themselves.

Let that sink in…

Are you one of those people?

My hope is that you get real truthful with yourself here.

You can’t serve your way to a better feeling experience within yourself.

You have to heal what’s wanting to be healed and allow your loving essence to serve the world. Service work can be fun, healthy and expansive for all involved, including YOU!

In the Holistic Coach Legacy Program, I’m pulling together my best programs to help you do the inner work required to be the best Coach possible while being supported in your journey to actualize your soul’s mission. 

The #1 reason that people don’t reach their goals of having a coaching business, advancing their careers or creating their life’s work is because they haven’t healed the thing(s) that stop them.

That’s it!

It’s that simple!

You just have to heal the thing that has stopped you.

If I created a loving coaching container, an easy framework to follow and made this affordable, would you do it?

I’m Beverly Sartain. A lifelong helper who started volunteering in grammar school, studied psychology in my college years and has now made a living and business out of supporting the actualization of others. I went from finding worth in my work to discovering my innate worth within during my healing journey from substances, mental health, trauma, codependency, perfectionism and workaholism (yeah, I had ALL that). Clearly, I had a lot of unresolved trauma so you are preaching to the choir if you are thinking it’s going to be too much work, take too much time or will be too much to handle.

Been there done that, babe.


Your life, your work, your soul’s purpose depends on this journey of self-discovery and healing.

And you deserve it.

You deserve the opportunity to thrive so you can experience your own magnificence and share THAT with the world.

The world needs healthy people, doing great work into the world. That’s where you come into play.

I’m strangely good at breaking things down into doable steps and process that gives people a transformative experience and results. And I’m happy to be sharing what I consider my best experience to date through the Holistic Coach Legacy Program.

I’m no mind-reader or magician (though both sound fun) so your full participation, engagement and action is required to receive results. And I’m truly looking for people who are born helpers and have every intention to be the healthiest human and helper they can be. I’ll be frank, it’s not always easy to take responsibility and look at your sh** but it’s got to be done in order to create what you desire. Not open to that, no need to read further. If you can commit to a 2 year process that will require at least 2-3 hours of your time each week then keep reading.

So, how does the Holistic Coach Legacy Program work?

You get access to the following programs: 

Spiritual Psychology Healing Course (Value $500)

Holistic Coach Certification Program (Value $3600)

Holistic Coach Business Start-up Course (Value 500)

Spiritual Psychology Coaching Method (Value $2500)

Continued Coach Education Program  (Value $900)

Plus our Done-For-You Programs (Value $2,000)

Start anytime, as you will be participating in a 2 year process that is evergreen. I will be taking you through the Holistic Coach Legacy Program so that you can have the experience of  healing and developing yourself so you can have a successful higher calling.


♥ LIVE BUSINESS SESSION to help you work through the Legacy Program materials while building your coaching business. Session is the 1st Thursday of each month at 11am EST. This 1.5 hour session will be conducted on Zoom. Recording will be available for a limited time.

♥ LIVE HEALING SESSION to help you with your personal healing while you take action on your business, legacy and higher calling. Sessions are the 2nd Sunday of each month at 11am EST. This 1.5 hour session will be conducted on Zoom. Recording will be available for a limited time. 

♥ LIVE CONTINUING EDUCATION SESSION to help you continue to develop your coaching skills. Sessions are the 3rd Saturday of each month 4pm EST. This 2 hour session will be conducted on Zoom. Recording will be available for a limited time. 


Holistic Legacy Program Planning Session with Beverly Sartain to support you in connecting with your legacy and mapping out your 2 year process together for maximum results. Planning Session is 1.5 hours and is scheduled within the first few weeks of signing up for the legacy program. (Value $350)

Holistic Coach Legacy Program FB Group solely set up for participants on the Holistic Coach Legacy Path. Having a group of people that support you, encourage you and allow you to be your most vulnerable self is priceless and the #1 reason I’m where I’m at right now. All session recordings will be housed in this group for your convenience. (Value 4800)

PAY IN FULL BONUS - Receive an Astrological Business Planning Session to support you with your niche, offers, and content. (Value is $997)

Curious about what we will be covering? (See below)...

Structure to Legacy Program 

1st Thursday of each month 11am EST - Business coaching session

2nd Sunday of each month 11am EST - Healing coaching session

3rd Saturday of each month 4pm EST - Continued coach education coaching session

Best results come from attending at least 2 live sessions/month and engaging the group weekly with thoughts, questions or experiences.

Pretty cool stuff, right?! I can’t wait to deliver this to you.

So here’s the invite…

You can join the Holistic Coach Legacy Program by paying in full $8,000 OR

You can get the payment plan at $400/month for 24 installments for a total of $9,600.

So I signed up; now what?

♥ Once you’ve made payment, you’ll receive a welcome email within the first 24 hours that will include all your next steps in preparation to getting started. This email will provide you some some pre-work to do. 

♥ You'll be invited into the FB Group.

♥ Guidelines, schedule and bonuses will be provided within the FB group. 

♥ Replays will all be posted in the FB group.

All you need to do is say YES and you will be included in my Helpers Heal Thyself program where I will be able to provide you structure, support and accountability to move yourself and your purpose forward.

Let me shoot ya straight since that’s how I love to be…

You aren’t going to be the quality of Coach you want to be without healing your own stuff first. I know that may sound harsh, it’s not meant to be. You don’t have to completely heal before you serve others but you do need to make sure that you continue to heal while you help other people. That makes total sense doesn’t it? It’s ethical to keep working on yourself. It’s ethical to do work on yourself that you are asking others to do. It’s ethical to be the demonstration of a healthy helper. I’m the person who is going to help you look and dig deeper so that you can resolve the unfinished business that has been getting the way for perhaps your lifetime. My dream clients are the people who are open, engaged, committed to themselves and their process. They are the people who are going to show up, do the work and share their learnings. If that’s you and this is resonating with you, please stop for a moment, talk yourself into it (instead of out) and sign up today.

Program Contact Info:
Email - info@holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com
Website - www.holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com
Phone - (904) 469-6009

Title of the program:
Holistic Coach Legacy Program

General program vision and goals:
Comprehensive 2-year journey that guides you through personal healing, professional
coach development, and business start-up.

The Holistic Coach Legacy Program includes:
Spiritual Psychology Healing Course, Holistic Coach Certification Program, Holistic
Coach Business Start-Up Course, Spiritual Psychology Coaching Method, Continuing
Coach Education Program, done for you programs, and live group coaching support.

To receive credit for CCE hours, you must attend live not watch replays if you want to
use those hours for training hours or continuing education hours.

Learning Goals: Personal healing to thriving, professional coach development, and business
● Resolve unresolved issues so you can be your best Coaching Self for you and
● Increase your confidence in your coaching skill set so you can become an
effective Coach
● Implement foundations to a coaching business so that you are creating
consistent Clients

The Legacy Philosophy:
We are Coaches committed to the journey of personal healing to thriving, professional
coaching development, and creating a purposeful and prosperous legacy into the world.
We do this by completing our inner work, continuing to advance our coaching skills and
integrating our coaching.

List of Instructors:
Lead Instructor: Beverly Sartain, PCC
Instructor: Richard Sartain

Dates, location, and delivery of the program:
Holistic Coach Legacy Program is an evergreen program which means that you can hop
into the program at any time.
This program is set-up as a choose your own adventure type of program which means
that you get to decide how you use your access to all the programs included in your
Legacy offering. Structure the program, set up your calendar of sessions and set-up an
accountability partner, if you like.

● Step 1: Set-up a Planning Session so that you can get support in mapping out your
next steps and schedule so that you can get value out of the different programs at a

pace that makes sense for you. Schedule your 1.5 hour call here. Come prepared to
discuss the concept of legacy and with a rough plan of how you want to use the next
few years towards it.

● Step 2: Each week we meet via ZOOM for live 1.5 hour group coaching sessions that
provide support around personal healing to thriving, coaching skills and business
set-up. Come to these sessions with a specific intention of what you want to get from
them. These sessions are accountability sessions that will help you move the needle
forward in yourself and outside of yourself. We will use the same Zoom Link every week
so please make note of the link so you have it for easy access. Zoom Link is:
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9222827711. CCE has its own Zoom Link:

● Step 3: Work through the Holistic Coach Legacy Checklist to make sure you are
working your way through the curriculum.

Languages that the program is delivered in:

Commitments for the program:
● Dedicate time to your inner and outer work
● Attend at least 2 live sessions or watch replays and provide feedback each
● Complete the Holistic Coach Legacy Checklist over the 2 years according to your
personalized plan
● Be open to receiving feedback on your coaching and business
● Show up powerfully for our sessions and take action
● Be communicative if you need extra support

Once the Holistic Coach Legacy Checklist is complete, students are provided a
certificate of completion at the end of the 2 year program. Once the 2 year program is
over, there will be an opportunity to continue participation with a minimal monthly fee.
Policies on payment of tuition:
There is a pay in full option that provides a discount to students. And there are payment
plan options for those who want to pay monthly. The standard cost of the Holistic Coach
Legacy Program is $8,000 pay in full or available with a 24 month payment plan of $400
per month for a total of $9,600. There are no additional fees or interest added to the
payment plans. We use Square.com as our invoicing system. Invoices need to be paid
within 24 hours of receiving them. If you do not pay within 21 days and have not made
arrangements with us around how payment will be made, your access to materials will
be discontinued and you will be taken out of the group. Please know you can discuss
your needs with us.

Refund Policy:
Full refunds are issued if a notice to cancel is received within 3 days after initial
payment is made. There are no refunds after 3 days from the time of initial payment. In
order to qualify for a refund within the 3 day period, an email must be sent to
info@holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com requesting cancellation. After the 3 day period,
cancellations and withdrawals qualify for an “in house credit” that can be applied to
future programs or coaching. We are happy to work with you on ensuring you receive
the value of your investment. And if you are not getting what you need from the program
(for any reason), give us the courtesy of a conversation so we can work through it
together. If you are needing different support, let’s discuss your needs and
course-correct, if needed. A student can leave the program at any time.

If you share a recording in class then you need to have permission from the Coachee to
share it. Anything shared in the live sessions will be kept confidential unless permission
is provided. We may ask if we can use your recording for ICF accreditation purposes.
The ICF requires programs to provide student recordings as an example of work being
completed in the program. We will ask your permission if we would like to use your
recording. Our replays will be housed in our private FB group.

1. Access module materials through the learning portal. Look over all materials.
Come to our live sessions with questions or comments about each lesson. I love
to be interactive with you, and we all learn from one another. Please know your
questions and thoughts are welcomed. Learning Portal Login:
https://members.holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com. Should you have a problem
with log-in, contact: requests@sophistechatedmarketingdev.com. Login and
password are provided to you. Check Spam Folders if you haven’t received it
before reaching out to the support team.

2. Practice skills, templates or coaching outline with a coaching partner, if you
like. You coach them for 30 minutes and they coach you for 30 minutes. Please
respect people’s time and schedule sessions when convenient to both parties.
Best practices are to respect confidentiality, be dependable and be coachable.

3. Attend live sessions. When attending live, be sure to be present and available
to coach, share and interact. My preference is that you are on camera. These
recordings are confidential and are not meant to be shared with other people not
in our class. If you do miss a class, watch the replay and share your learnings in
our groups.

4. Post in the FB Group. Posting in the online groups is optional, but highly
recommended as it gives you another place to be accountable and supported.
Best use would be to share your biggest take-aways or learnings from each
lesson so that you can ground and deepen your awareness as we move through
all the Modules. Post as much as you want, this is your space to connect, to
share, to celebrate together! Make sure feedback is positive, supportive and
coaching in nature. This is a great place to practice your coaching skills by
asking each other powerful questions. Main FB Group is the Holistic Coach
Legacy Program and then there is the Spiritual Psychology Healing Circle FB

Group. You are not required to join any of the groups, however, you will get the
most value out of being there and sharing your experience.
If there is something you are curious about that is not included in this outline and
agreement, feel free to ask. Remember that we are in a partnership together. Please
communicate with us what’s going on for you. We don’t know what you don’t
communicate so make sure to let us know what you need so we can work together to
resolve your needs. Communication is key.

Here’s to an incredible journey!

Ready to find out more?

Schedule a free discovery call now!