A Transformative Journey Through Mind, Heart & Soul

Ready to turn your life’s challenges into a Legacy of Loving? Ready to journey up a path that will have you self-actualizing your human potential while you help others do the same? Introducing the Holistic Coach Legacy Program. A 2-year immersion program that will have you actualizing your soul mission versus just dreaming about it.

The Holistic Coach Legacy Program includes: Spiritual Psychology Healing Course, Holistic Coach Certification Program, Holistic Coach Business Start-Up Course, Spiritual Psychology Coaching Method, done for you programs, and live group coaching support.

Start anytime, as you will be participating in a 2 year process that is evergreen. I will be taking you through the Holistic Coach Legacy Program so that you can have the experience of  healing and developing yourself so you can have a successful higher calling.

Programs Included In the Holistic Coach Legacy Program Journey

Holistic Coach Certification Program

Holistic Coach Certification Program ($3,600 Value)

Comprehensive 6 month coach-specific certification program that sets you up to become an ICF (International Coaching Federation) credentialed Coach.

Develop professional-level coaching skills through studying training materials, working with peer practice partners, and attending live online classes.

Become a Certified Holistic Coach who empowers "the whole person" to reach their full potential in all areas of their life encompassing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

HCTI Assets_SpiritualPsychologyHealingCourse

Spiritual Psychology Healing Course ($500 Value)

Self-directed course that includes a private community dedicated to healing through spiritual lessons that support you in experiencing more fulfillment in your everyday life.

Increase your awareness of yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience through studying training materials, completing lessons in the workbook, and engaging an online conscious community.

Continue to evolve your consciousness and deepen your self-love so that you can be of greater service as you walk your spiritual path.

HCTI Assets_Holistic Coach Business Start-Up Course Logo

Holistic Coach Business Start-Up Course ($500 Value)

Self-directed online course that prepares you for success in the first year of your coaching business.

Learn the must-haves and need-to-knows to get your business off the ground and running. Create your first offers and learn how to use social media to organically attract your first paying clients.

Work through this course at your own pace. Training accessible anytime via online learning portal.

ICF Continuing Education

Holistic Coach Continuing Education Program ($900 Value)

Comprehensive monthly Holistic Coach Continuing Education Program that sets you up to earn all of the necessary CCE units needed for your ICF credential renewal.

Strengthen professional-level coaching skills by training on the updated ICF core competency model and receiving coaching supervision around real-life coaching experiences.

Consistently works towards your CCE units by attending affordable monthly classes. Stay connected to a supportive community as work towards coaching mastery.

Spiritual Coaching Method

Spiritual Psychology Coaching Method ($2,500 Value)

Spiritual Psychology Coaching Method

Our own coaching method that combines Spiritual Psychology and the ICF Core Competencies, Ethics and Standards.

Enhance your ICF professional-level coaching skills through training materials, practice coaching, and a collaborative group process.

Increase your coaching capabilities around the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

HHT 500
HWBR 500

Done For You Programs ($1,500 Value)

Done-For-You Holistic Wellbeing Routine Program - Receive scripts, demos and worksheets for a 6-session program that covers the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels so that your Client increases their own trust and safety while engaging a well-balanced routine.

Done-For You Helper Heal Thyself Program - Receive scripts, demos and worksheets for a 14-week program that covers "A Healing Roadmap" so that your Client can increase their awareness, resolve any misunderstandings, learn new ways of being and embody a practice that aligns with what they intend to be experiencing more of.


Option 1: 24-month plan of just $400 per month ($9,600 total investment)

Option 2: $1,600 discount if you invest in full ($8,000 total investment)



(Available if you enroll on or before 11/30/2021)

Option 1: 24-month plan of just $275 per month ($6,600 total investment)

Option 2: $3,000 discount if you invest in full ($5,000 total investment)

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