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Learn the must-have's and need-to-knows of starting and organically growing your coaching business

Coaching Is A Booming Industry

Growth Chart
  • The estimated global total revenue from coaching in 2019 was $2.849 billion U.S. dollars, representing a 21% increase over the 2015 estimate.
  • In North America, total revenue is estimated to have exceeded $1 billion for the first time, rising by 36% to $1.3 billion.
  • Average annual revenue from coaching in North America is $62,500 from coaching alone (not including additional services such as training, mentoring, consulting, health & wellness services, therapy, counseling, etc).

-2020 ICF Global Coaching Study

With numbers like that you would think it’s easy to create a successful coaching business. 

But it’s not….

The ICF (the industry’s trade group) estimates that coaches have an average annual income ranging from $27,100 to $73,100. Some specialty coaches can make over $100,000.

So to have a lucrative coaching business that makes you more money then when you work for someone else, you’ve got to set-up a strong foundation for your business from the start.

No get rich quick schemes like social media would like you to believe...

No spending thousands on marketers when you don’t even know what you are selling yet…

No misunderstandings that clients are just going to fall into your lap because you have a certification or website…

It doesn’t work that way. And I’m the person who is always going to keep it real and transparent with you.

Having your own coaching business takes work: inner and outer.

Over the years, we've witnessed countless people start their coaching business. The people with the most success allow themselves a process of preparation, experimentation and course-correcting.

Our work is best suited for people committed to professionalism, integrity and work ethic. 

There are so many moving parts and so much to learn when kicking things off that it’s best to be in a supportive coaching container where you can ask all the questions, get the much needed accountability and stay course on getting your coaching business off the ground while focusing on the actual things that will get you there.

We're offering this course that covers strategies to create clients so that you can ease your way into client creation and business start-up.

Meet the Course Instructor Beverly Sartain MA, CAP, PCC

Beverly Sartain Holistic Coach Image
  • Went from Substance Abuse Counselor to Coach
  • Started and developed a successful coaching business
  • Began providing business mentorship for Professional Coaches
  • Founded The Holistic Coach Training Institute
  • Authored the book Transcending Trauma: How I used Spiritual Psychology To Heal My Life

Holistic Coach Business Start-Up Modules

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Holistic Coach 30 Day Business Kickstarter Workbook

Holistic Coach 30 Day Business Kickstarter Video

Address basic logistics that needs to be in place for you to start your coaching business feeling equipped and fully prepared to do business.

Module 1: Business Model Pathways

Decide what business success means and looks like for you personally as you start a coaching business.

Module 2: Client Creation Formula

Learn the Client Creation Formula that needs to be in place for you to communicate who you serve, and how you serve.

Module 3: Irresistible Offers

Create your basic coaching packages so you can communicate the value with ease and confidence.

Module 4: Discovery Calls

Perfect how you are getting Discovery Calls and what you are saying on Discovery Calls to communicate the benefits of your offer.

Module 5: On-boarding Clients

Streamline the on-boarding process so that you are cultivating trust and safety from the start. Your Clients will appreciate this!

Module 6: Your Business Hubs

Decide on a home base (or bases) for your content and creative expression so you stay centralized, effective and efficient.

Module 7: Build Relationships

Focus on connecting with colleagues and partners to leverage communities already built while you build your own.

Module 8: Content Strategy

Put a simple content strategy in place so you are being consistent with your visibility and messaging.

Module 9: Build A Tribe

Build your community by finding your personalized ways of creative expression.

Module 10: Signature Talk or Workshop

Speak to many as a way to share your passion and purpose with the world. 

Module 11: List-building

Brainstorm educational content that you provide to your community as a way to build value and grow your tribe. Give them the goods!

Module 12: Create Your Own Group

Leverage other people’s groups or create your own group as a way to solve a problem for a particular group of people. 

Bonus Module: Next Steps

Once you’ve sold at least 10 offers consider working on marketing, sales and scaling.