Holistic Coach Supervision Program

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Holistic Coach Supervision Program Outline & Agreement

Welcome to this amazing experience where you will be using your coaching practice
and coaching Clients as a reflection for your highest growth. Hats off to you for your
continued commitment to grow. You are demonstrating Embodies a Coaching Mindset
by being here. I am here to partner up with you, and support you as your Coach
Supervisor. I believe that you are magnificent, and I look forward to sharing in that
magnificence with you.

We are truly in this together! You are an important part of the group. Always remember
that you are adding your essence, whether you are showing up or not. This truly is a
collective energy of people who intend to make a meaningful impact in the world. As
your Coach Supervisor I’m here to support the highest good for all! All I ask is that you
show up as powerfully as you can, self-reflect and allow for your learnings to come
through. This program is focused on self-reflecting via your coaching practice and
coaching Clients so that you may continue to develop yourself as a Coach.
In order to create trust, safety and presence for yourself and others, check out our
Holistic Coach Supervision Program Standards of Presence. I’ll be reading these at the
beginning of each session.

This goes without saying, but the people who show up consistently, implement what
they are learning and share their experience are the people that do the best and receive
the most value. Remember that you create value for yourself.
I’ve created a very intentional program so that we can grow and learn together.
I can’t wait to experience our learnings together.
Bev 🙏💜

Program Contact Info:
Email - info@holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com
Website - www.holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com
Phone - (904) 469-6009

Title of the program:
Holistic Coach Supervision Program

General program vision and goals:
Empowering professional and credentialed Coaches to continue to develop themselves
personally and professionally while deepening in a holistic approach.

Before We Begin:
Program Outline & Agreement
Holistic Coach Supervision Questionnaire
Holistic Coach Supervision Program - Standards of Presence

1.5 hours
4th Wednesday every month for a 12 month period. People can join when they like.
11am - 12:30pm est
12 spots available
Cost is $1000 pay in full or 5 installments of $300/month
Process offered through: Learning portal, monthly live session and LinkedIn group for

Session Format
1.5 hours
10 minute coach supervision intentions and setting intentions
35 minutes - reflective topic provided by supervisor
35 minutes - supervisee specific support
10 minutes share accountability

Focus is the coaching practice and what is being reflected back through the coaching
Additional support may be recommended by your Coach Supervisor. Support such as
bodywork, therapy or other additions to your support team may be brought forward for
the highest good of all.
Your Coach Supervisor will respect confidentiality unless there is a concern for your
safety or someone else’s safety.
Respect the boundaries and confidentiality of your colleagues.
Working Alliance
Coach Supervision Questionnaire
What are 1-3 things you intend to get out of Coach Supervision?
What might you like for us to know about how you learn best?
What would you like to see improve personally (yourself) over the next 12 months?
What would you like to see improve professionally (your coaching) over the next 12
How will you determine if improvements have been made personally and
I’ll be using Direct Communication when providing feedback. What else should I know
so that I can provide you feedback in an effective way?
What’s your current holistic practice look like? And how might you up-level your
We want to have a good partnership with you. What else might we need to know in
order to create a good alliance together?
Professional Context
Coach Supervision is currently not required by the ICF.
Here’s what the ICF says about Coach Supervision -
10 hours of Coach Supervision may count towards ICF credential renewal. We provide
certificates of completion for each session in the learning portal. The ICF may reach out
to us to verify that you completed these hours. If they do, we will check our records and

Sample Topics

Pre and post rituals


Direct Communication

Holistic Well-being Routine







Additional support for the coach

In between sessions

Initial Session

Onboarding process

Bring Your Own Topic

“Fit for Purpose”


Client Feedback


Assessing Ethical Practice

This is not an exhaustive list. We are open to your feedback.

Objectives for Coach Supervision:
● Increased awareness of Self and coaching practice
● Increased ability to be compassionate towards yourself and others
● Greater confidence in Self and coaching abilities

Coaching Philosophy:
Holistic Coaching empowers "the whole person" to reach their full potential in all areas
of their life encompassing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. This
philosophy applies to the Coach and Coachee.

List of Potential Instructors:
Lead Instructor: Beverly Sartain, PCC
Sub Instructor: Richard Sartain, ACC

Sub Instructor - Gage Bock, PCC

1. Access module materials through the learning portal. Look over all materials.
Come to our live sessions prepared to participate. I love to be interactive with
you, and we all learn from one another. Please know your questions and
thoughts are welcomed. Learning Portal Login:
https://members.holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com. Should you have a problem
with log-in, contact: requests@sophistechatedmarketingdev.com. Login and
password are provided to you upon sign-up when using our online order form.
Check Spam Folders if you haven’t received it before reaching out to the support
team. All content is also posted in the LinkedIn group for your convenience.

2. Turn in a self-reflection process. Via our LinkedIn Group, turn in a sample
self-reflection process, and be prepared to discuss in class.

3. Attend live sessions. When attending live, be sure to be present and available
to coach, share and interact. My preference is that you are on camera so that we
create trust and safety together. Class recordings will be posted within 48 hours
in the LinkedIn group. These recordings are confidential and are not meant to be
shared with other people not in our group. If you do miss a group, watch the
replay and share your learnings in our LinkedIn group. Replays will be available
for 30 days and then will be discarded.

4. Post in the LinkedIn Group. Homework, recordings and resources are shared
in our LinkedIn group. Best use would be to share your biggest take-aways or
learnings from each session so that you can ground and deepen your awareness
as we move through the year. Post as much as you want. This is your space to
connect, to share, to celebrate together! Make sure feedback is positive,
supportive and coaching in nature. This is a great place to practice your coaching
skills by asking each other powerful questions.

Languages that the program is delivered in:

Intended participants:

Coaches who would like a trusted environment to share their wins and challenges in
becoming masterful in the way they work with their clients through a reflective practice.
Requirements that the Coach must agree to in order to enter the program:
● Working with at least 1 paid or non paid Client
● Attend and engage live sessions
● Be open to receiving and exploring feedback with your supervisor

Requirements for completion of the program:
● Attend 10 out of the 12 live sessions, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you do
miss a session, please watch the replay in the LinkedIn group and provide
insights on your learnings.
● Turn in a monthly reflective practice by posting in our LinkedIn group.
● Receive feedback on at least 1 reflective practice or call recording in class.

Policies on payment of tuition:
There is a pay in full option that provides a discount to students. And there are payment
plan options for those who want to pay monthly. The standard cost of the Holistic Coach
Supervision Program is $1,000 available with a 5 month payment plan of $300 per
month or $1,500 if paid in full. There are no additional fees or interest added to the
payment plans. We use Square.com and Stripe as our invoicing systems. Invoices need
to be paid within 24 hours of receiving them. If you do not pay within 21 days and have
not made arrangements with us around how payment will be made, your access to
materials will be discontinued and you will be taken out of the group. Please know you
can discuss your needs with us. We are here to work with you.

Refund Policy:
Full refunds are issued if a notice to cancel is received within 3 days after initial
payment is made. There are no refunds after 3 days from the time of initial payment. In
order to qualify for a refund within the 3 day period, an email must be sent to
info@holisticcoachtraininginstitute.com requesting cancellation. After the 3 day period,
cancellations and withdrawals qualify for an “in house credit” that can be applied to
future programs only. If there is something that comes up and you are no longer able to
continue in this cohort, we can discuss you attending another cohort. We are happy to
work with you on ensuring you receive the value of your investment. And if you are not getting what you need from the program (for any reason), please give us the courtesy of
a conversation so we can work through it together. If you are needing different support,
let’s discuss your needs and course-correct, if needed. A student can leave the program
at any time.


If you share a recording in the group then you need to have permission from the
Coachee to share it. Anything shared in the live sessions will be kept confidential unless
permission is provided. We will be housing our group calls for 30 days in our LinkedIn
group so that people who may have missed the session have an opportunity to view it.
Then those recordings will be discarded. These recordings are not available for
If there is something you are curious about that is not included in this outline and
agreement, feel free to ask. Remember that we are in a partnership together. Please
communicate with us what’s going on for you. We don’t know what you don’t
communicate so make sure to let us know what you need so we can work together to
resolve your needs. Communication is key. Here’s to an incredible journey!