In this coaching demo, I spend time being with Beth around her decision-making process and offer up a coaching exercise.

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Some things you may notice:

1) How coaching supports someone in the decision-making process.

2) How coaching helps someone better understand themselves and their process in service to taking next steps.

3) How a coaching exercise can help someone evoke even more awareness in service to their agreement for the call. We also give choice by asking for permission so that someone can say yes, no or come up with their own creative solution.

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Beth Fisher is an author, speaker, business leader, leukemia-survivor, and marathoner with a passion for helping others overcome adversity. With what she calls a “checkered resume,” Beth helps bridge the gap between making decisions based on what others expect and instead, living life remorselessly, based on who you were created to be. She is a passionate inspirer of people, especially those seeking to understand their true meaning and calling within their lives.

Beth spent over twenty-five years in corporate sales, leading thousands of people within some of the largest Fortune 500 companies to identify and execute process improvement. During the course of that career is when she recognized what she had truly been doing all along was teaching not only organizations, but individuals how to persevere in their own personal process improvement journey.

Her strong business acumen, coupled with a deep desire to help others traverse difficult situations, is what led her to resign from the for-profit world and write her first book, Remorseless: Learning to Lose Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions—Without Losing Yourself. She has since published a second book, a companion guide entitled, The Remorseless Workbook: A Journey to Losing Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions—And Finding Yourself. A third book on Showing Up Without Guilt is underway.

A motivational speaker, Beth also hosts a syndicated show on Women’s Life Network called “Remorselessly Biblical,” and is the host of The Remorseless Podcast.

Beth is the Chief Advancement Officer for Mel Trotter Ministries, a non-profit which is on the forefront of battling homelessness. She holds two master’s degrees in Theology, and a B.S. in Business and Human Ecology. She is a certified mentor, a certified Holistic Coach, and is currently working towards her ICF coaching certification as she continues to facilitate personal and professional development leadership training through her coaching program, The Next Right Thing. You can learn more about connecting with Beth at or follow her below:

Grab a copy of her book (Remorseless: Learning to Lose Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions--Without Losing Yourself) and workbook (Remorseless Workbook: A Journey To Losing Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions--And Finding Yourself) which includes coaching exercises from my self-guided course called "The Next Right Thing ."


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