In this coaching demo, I spend time being with the Client around creating an agreement for the call. This call demonstrates that it's not the Coaches job to create the agreement, it's up to the Client to do so. We are there to support them in creating their agreement.

Often times a Client will come to a call and report feeling scattered, overwhelmed or not focused. Get curious about their process and trust that they have everything inside to create their agreement and create value for themselves out of the call.

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Some things you may notice:

1) It may take some time to get to the agreement and that's okay.

2) It can be common that a Client has trouble coming up with an agreement. If this happens regularly, think about using direct communication to evoke awareness around their process. It may be helpful to introduce an in between session exercise so that they can come to the conversation with an agreement, should that be supportive to them.

3) I kept letting the Client have ownership and empowerment of her own process in service to building more trust and safety within the partnership but more importantly within herself.

About Leslie MacNabb - Rise with Recovery

Relationship Coach, Yoga Practitioner, RYT-500HR

Leslie MacNabb is a Relationship Recovery Coach, dedicated to supporting you to holistically recover your relationship through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual focuses. Take your relationship from surviving to THRIVING!

Through the heart-centered partnership of holistic coaching, you will be inspired and motivated to take action by overcoming limitations and creating steps for success through powerful questioning, accountability and embodiment practices.

With a calming energy, Leslie has the ability to help you determine your own definition of success, compassionately identify blocks and courageously break through plateaus.

Leslie has lived experiences with loving someone who struggled with addiction for years and is now in long-term recovery. She has previously been divorced and is a mother of two, sharing parenting peacefully.

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