In this coaching demo, I use Client's metaphors. Utilizing the Client's words, language and imagery can support them in reaching their agreement inside and outside of the coaching conversation.

Some things you may notice:

1) Terry talked about emptying the bucket, and I got curious about what that meant to him. He continued to use this metaphor throughout the coaching conversation.

2) When he talked about what he didn't want, I didn't highlight those thoughts. I asked powerful questions around what he did want to be experiencing and around strengths he already had to support himself.

3) I asked a question that didn't land, so to speak. I asked what surprised him. He said he wasn't surprised. This lead to him being very clear and convicted about what he already KNEW. Sometimes, your question may not land how it was intended but something very meaningful can still come from it. Continue to take risks and ask powerful questions as the Coach even when your questions don't always land as intended.

About Terry

Terry Jackson is a newly established Holistic Coach and Investor, driven by giving back to the community. He takes pride in providing the highest level of services possible. As a Self-Waking Coach, his goal is to awaken as many as possible while teaching financial literacy and freedom!

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About Beverly Sartain

Beverly Sartain is the President of the Holistic Coach Training Institute, where she trains aspiring coaches on coaching skills and business set-up. The Holistic Coach Certification Program is an ICF ACSTH accredited program that focuses on a holistic approach to coaching. We see Clients as whole, complete and resourceful to create creative solutions to their challenges and issues. Additionally, Beverly provides individual and group coaching through her brand, Recovery Life Management. She received her B.S. from the University of Florida and an M.A. from the University of Santa Monica. During her ten-year career in nonprofits, she managed and developed domestic violence and co-occurring residential programs. Beverly is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She has her PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the ICF. Beverly enjoys helping professionals empower themselves around their skill set and online coaching business. She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Richard and their 4 dogs. She can be contacted at or

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